Road Surfacing

Asphalt Surfacing Contractors

Company Trading History

Lane Rental Services has traded for nearing 25 years

The company now operates five paving machines, including two tracked machines and one tracked mini-paver for footpaths and small schemes.

Four dedicated highly skilled surfacing teams complete schemes ranging in value from 5k to 500k plus.

The company has an annual turnover of £15 million per annum.

Term Maintenance and Local Authority

We complete high specification Highways Agency and local authority schemes on a regular basis.

All crews are Hapas certified and each individual skilled operative is highly trained and experienced.

We completed our first term maintenance in 1996-1999 with the Humberside Term Maintenance contract for Amey.

This has developed into other high profile sectors including the local authority sector, where we regularly complete road contracts in the Yorkshire counties.

Highway House, Hereford Road,
Pocklington Ind Estate, Pocklington,
York, YO42 1NR

T: 01759 305300

F: 01759 301090