Fine Milling

Introduction to Fine Milling Process

Fine Milling is a modification of the standard Cold Milling Process.

The special Fine Milling drum has 672 cutting tools, compared to a standard Cold Milling Drum which only has 168 cutting tools.

By using the Fine Milling Drum on our Wirtgen W200i machine, we can cut grooves into the pavement at intervals of 6mm, with a maximum cutting depth of 20mm.

Our Wirtgen W200i machine is also fitted with ultrasonic sensors, which can improve the tolerance of the surface finish and also ensures that new texture depths of between 1.0mm to 1.5mm are achieved.

The Fine Milling process can be used to provide a mechanical key for material overlays and can also be used to remove anti-skid / high friction surfacing etc. and other surface irregularities such has bumps, wheel ruts or minor defects to improve the ride-abillity of the pavement.

Process capable of treating 95% of road carriageway surface and areas of in excess of 7000m2 per shift can be achieved with a single Fine Milling machine.

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