Deep In-Situ Recycling

Lane Rental Services Ltd offer the most comprehensive, highest quality In-situ Recycling system in the UK market.

The process involves re-strengthening roads to full structural design requirements, without the need for full depth removal and the excess cost of new imported bituminous materials.

Our delivery system is as below:-

•    Pre-testing of existing road constituents
•    Pre-milling during the testing process in order to ensure best design
•    Design strength calculation for base materials
•    Pre-planing of top layer if required
•    Wirtgen WR2000 stabilizer ensuring optimum base material re-use
•    Computer controlled cement or bitumen additive
•    Re-levelling of road using full asphalt paver crew and Vogele tracked paver
•    Density testing during compaction
•    Guaranteed line and level prepared finished product
•    Core testing to demonstrate re-strengthening compliance

The essential differences between ourselves and other Contractors are that pre-testing is done by milling machine to ensure testing on a granular product, and that our finished road is delivered to the correct level and gradient using a paving machine and asphalt crew.
We use our all round knowledge and awareness of the finished road requirements, combined with our full in-house planing and paving techniques, to ensure that contract success is guaranteed.


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Introduction to Deep In-situ Road Recycling


The savings are achieved by re-strengthening the existing pavement instead of buying in expensive, imported new materials.

Deep In-situ Recycling is a highly cost effective method of pavement strengthening. It can be carried out at 25% of the cost of conventional pavement removal and replacement.

The re-strengthening base pavement can be overlaid with a surface course making it look and perform like a brand new road or hardstand area.


Tar Contaminated Roads

The process is the preferred and most cost effective method for dealing with tar contaminated roads and eliminates the need for the expensive disposal of the hazardous waste material.


In-situ Recycling - The Process

The in-situ recycling process is tailor made to specific site requirements.

Essentially it involves injecting cement into existing asphalt or aggregate surfaces by using Wirtgen WR2000 Recycler, which can regrade hard surfaces at a range of 100mm to 600mm depth.

A pavement design engineer dictates the amount of cement and water which are added to the pre-graded surface to achieve a target base layer strength.

Our specialist Streumaster cement spreader meters out the hardening product to strictly controlled volumes, and the WR2000 Recycler re-mixes the cement and water into the regraded existing asphalt. It is then laid to level using a motorway grading machine, compacted and left to harden.

It can then be used as a concrete type base layer, or a macadam or asphalt layer or layers can be overlaid on the cementitious base.

The results are a project completed in about half the time and a quarter of the cost of conventional deep layer re-strengthening.


In-situ Recycling Applications

In-situ recycling can be utilised on motorways, trunk roads, urban routes, rural routes, airfields and all hardstanding areas.

It is ideally suited to conditions which allow full or partial closure of existing roads or thoroughfares.

It is far superior to the foam-mix process which is laborious and cumbersome in its nature, and it is cheaper than all other designs of pavement removal and strengthening.

It is ideal for lengthy sections of wheel rutted motorways or trunk roads.

Poorly constructed rural B and C class roads can be recovered from the point of total failure to being given a 30-50 year design life.

Airfields which have structural failure can be economically brought back to full strength.

Dockside and port facilities which suffer under constant heavy loading conditions can be quickly upgraded in a sustainable way.

Military roads which are used by tanks can be easily repaired either in their entirety, or in areas of random failure, and forestry roads taking heavy equipment can be brought back in to fully usable condition.


Track Record

Lane Rental Services Ltd has a proven track record for undertaking Deep In-situ Road Recycling.


  • Ten schemes in East Riding of Yorkshire - 2012
  • Ten acre dockside storage at Guernsey - 2012
  • Roverway, Cardiff - 2013
  • Two schemes in East Riding of Yorkshire - 2013
  • Two schemes for Hull of City Council - 2013
  • Approved principal contractor for specialist surface treatment for West Yorkshire Council Alliance (Kirklees MBC, Wakefield MBC, Calderdale CH, Bradford MBC and Leeds City Council) - 2013 to 2017


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