Road Recycling

First use of a pioneering in situ cold recycling road renewal method on the Al in Northumberland has the potential to challenge hot mix highways maintenance.

Cold recycling carried out in Northumberland makes use of a £1. 7M Wirtgen CR3200 road recycler. 
The process of renewal involves stripping off the top course material first. Then the paver slowly drives forward, milling the rest of the old surfacing out and stripping It down to its constituent parts of hardened bitumen and aggregate. 

This produces a predetermined material grading. As the material passes under the milling drum it is mixed with bitumen emulsion and a small amount of water to aid compaction. The newly graded and mixed material passes up the conveyor and into the traditional paving machine that follows behind to be laid like traditional hot mix material, but cold. 

its Highways England work and is going on tour to explain the technique to other contractors. 
Other clients are also very interested, particularly county councils which can see the potential for major savings. Many have tried cold foam mix recycling in the past but that still involves removing all the material from site and bringing it back again. Work such as this, the contractor says, has never before been done in situ. 








"The best way for us to achieve the efficiencies Highways England requires is to use this technique," Area 14 asset manager Graeme Watt says. "It is currently difficult to see how this is not the future of sustainable road maintenance on the Highways England network and beyond." 

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